Orcas Center Presents on Center Stage:

Season “Role-Out” 2019-2020

Sunday, September 8th  4pm

Orcas Center’s Season “Role-Out” is a great opportunity to learn about upcoming shows for the season, scheduled classes, sponsorship opportunities, and volunteer possibilities. The 2019-2020 season is jam-packed with 15 Orcas Center productions, 24 On-Screen showings from the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, and other nationally recognized companies, 28 classes, 10 touring artists, 12 events from local talent, and four world-class festivals.

Already in rehearsal for the season are community productions of The Lost Virginity Tour, (opens September 12th) and The Rocky Horror Show (opens  October 31st). In addition, there are a number of visiting performers scheduled to suit even the most diverse of audiences including double-bills of musicians Sea Stars and Sorne, and Carolyn Cruso with Tom Rawson and Ellen van DerHoeven.

New this year are center-led classes by Jake Perrine and Robert Hall on acting, directing, and technical aspects of production. “It’s our mission to not only to create captivating performances for the community, but to educate those who want to participate more fully in the arts. We want to welcome those who seek an expressive outlet, but may feel like they lack experience or opportunity,” says Jake Perrine, Technical Director.

This ambitious schedule is under the leadership of Dimitri Stankevich, who began his tenure as Orcas Center’s Executive Director in March. “Jim Bredouw (the former ED) set the bar pretty high with the last season,” Stankevich chuckled, “But I’m really excited to see the momentum that has been gathering from community support. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved – For volunteers, sponsors, performers, students of all ages, and those just seeking a fun night out. We have a lot planned to make the 2019-2020 the most active season yet!”

The Orcas Center “Role-out” is on Sunday, September 8th at 4pm. No tickets are required, but seating is limited for this free event.