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Billy Elliot – The Musical: Cast List

Technical Crew

Director – Robert Hall
Choreography – Anthony the Dancer and Tiffany Spring Loney
Stage Manager – Leila Jordan
Songstress – Sharon Abreu
Musical Director ( Orchestration ) – TBD
Set – Robert Hall
Sound – Ian Whelch
Lights – Robert Hall
Costumes – Susie Shipman

Cast –  ( your name may appear more than once )
Billy Elliot – Aristotle Luna
Mrs. Wilkenson – Tiffany Spring Loney
Jackie Elliot – Kelly Toombs
Tony Elliot – Garth Simpson
Grandma, Ensemble – Brenda Loney
Mr. Braithwaite – Don Yerly
Micheal, Miner – Trevor Wareham
Mum – Susie Shipman
George and Wilma – John Paul and Danielle Bone
Debbie Wilkenson – Leila Jordan
( Understudy – Katie Zwilling – with Grace )

Posh Dad – Chris Della Santa
Mr. Wilksenson – Tom Fiscus
Ballet Auditioner Gentleman – Dave Roseberry
Lesly – Naomi Aldort
Ballet Audition Woman – Paula Capitano
Ballet Audition Smoking Woman – Mindy Sonshine
Boy Auditioner – Gray Gailey
Big Davey – Lew Thomas

Miners – Ensemble
Miner 1 – Chris Della Santa
Miner 2 – Tom Fiscus
Miner 3 – Don Yerly
Miner 4 – JP Bone
Miner 5 – Danielle Bone
Miner 6 – Dave Roseberry
Miner 7 – Garth Simpson
Miner 8 – Naomi Aldort
Miner 9 – Paula Capitano 
Miner 10 – Thian Armenia
Miner 11 – Mindy Sonshine
Miner 12 – Gray Gailey
Miner 13 – Trever Wareham
Miner 14 – Leila Jordan
Miner 15 – Moose Kinsey
Miner 16 – Lew Thomas
Miner 17 – Margot Shaw
Miner 18 – Linda Ellsworth
Miner 19 – Isabella Schamerhorn
Miner 20 – Ruth Anne Comrie

Dancers – Ensemble
Tiffany Spring Loney
Garth Simpson
Brenda Loney
Don Yerly
Trever R Wareham
Jon Paul Bone
Danielle Bone
Leila Jordan
Chris Della Santa 
Tom Fiscus
Dave Roseberry
Naomi Aldort
Paula Capitano
Thian Armenia
Mindy Sonshine 
Gray Gailey
Moose Kinsey
Kataya Rain
Riley Helms
Tori Sturk
Rene Sturk
Michelle Abdon
Maddy Pollack
Isabella Evans
Trevor Wareham
Anwyn Thompson
Margot Shaw
Clara Petros
Linda Ellsworth
Chase Connell
Isabella Schamerhorn
Ballet Class
Cienna Richardson
Moose Kinsey
Kataya Rain
Lucia Weaver
Madeleine Connell
Riley Helms
Ella Weaver
Tori Sturk
Michelle Abdon
Maddy Pollack
Isabella Evans
Gray Gailey
Elizabeth ( ellie ) Wright
Sylvia Johnson
Mira Jean Johnson
Chase Connell
Ruth Anne Comrie

And …
Anthony the Dancer’s ‘All Stars”


The Orcas Center will be presenting Billy Elliot – the musical in March 2018.

Billy Elliot the Musical is a musical based on the 2000 film Billy Elliot. The music is by Elton John, and the book and lyrics are by Lee Hall.

This is a story about Billy, a British motherless boy, who trades boxing gloves for ballet shoes. The story of his personal struggle and fulfillment are balanced against a counter-story of family and community strife caused by the 1984–85 UK miners’ strike in County Durham, in North Eastern England.

Robert Hall will direct. Anthony The Dancer and Tiffany Loney will share choreography. Aristotle Luna has been cast as Billy Elliot. Castings for all other roles are completely open. Everyone is invited. There are plenty of parts to fill –please audition for the following roles:


This musical premiered at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London’s West End in 2005 and was nominated for nine Laurence Olivier Awards, winning four, including Best New Musical. The production ran through April 2016. Its success led to productions in Australia, on Broadway and elsewhere. In New York, it won ten Tony Awards and ten Drama Desk Awards, including, in each case, Best Musical. It has also won numerous awards in Australia including a record-tying seven Helpmann Awards.