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Women in the Woods Presents on Center Stage

Don’t Call it a Riot

May 10th & May 11th 7pm
Tickets ~ $25

It’s 1968 and Reed, a member of Seattle’s Black Panther Party, must juggle the demands of a new marriage and a baby on the way, yet still find time to fight for liberation and dream of creating a better world. When her best friend Marti moves in, there is yet one more thing on her plate. Reed is unaware of the forces that will eventually destroy the Party, as well as the the ones that threaten her happy home.  It will take 31 years before she discovers the betrayal that was at the root of a dream deferred.
In Seattle playwright Amontaine Aurore’s newest play, she poses the question, “What would you give up to do the right thing?” Come see this critically acclaimed piece from a riveting storyteller. Both nights will feature an opening act by local treasures, Anthony The Dancer and Aristotle Luna.
Read Norm Stampler’s review in The Islands’ Sounder.

Cast and Crew:

Meysha Harville as Reed

Lillian Afful-Straton as Marti

Skylar Wilkerson as Falala

Mic Montgomery as Sam

Robert Lovett as Paris

Stage Manager, Tiana Ross
Costumes, Carolyn Hall