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The San Juan Arts Council with The Visual Arts Committee Present:

Orcas Island High School Art Exhibit

On display through December 17th

A funny thing happened on the way to the ferry…

You may recall that Orcas Center was set to host the Inter-Island High School Art Show in collaboration with the San Juan County Arts Council. This traveling art show started on San Juan Island, then went to Lopez, and was finally set to come to Orcas Thanksgiving week.

Unfortunately, the Ferry Fairies did not cooperate, and the inter-island ferry was canceled for several days…thwarting the traveling art show’s attempt to reach our shores.

Luckily, the Art Show Opening on November 24th was saved by the fantastic students of Corey Wiscomb at Orcas High School! They generously brought in a plethora of work to adorn our walls for the Art Opening and beyond. We are so grateful to them all, and encourage you to come by and see their amazing creations! We also wanted to give a special thank you to Grace Zwilling, who played the art opening reception! At 11 years old, it was Grace’s first solo performance, and she impressed us with her talent, repertoire, and poise. We can’t wait to invite her back!

And as a final update – the Orcas selections for the Inter-Island High School Art Show have finally arrived, and are hung at Orcas Center! Please come by to view these fantastic works of art by Kiyomi Farish, Lucy Troxel, Gracyn Chamberlin, Sintia Cruz, Sam Sutton, Moose Kinsey, and Thurmond Russell, on display until December 17th.