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Orcas Center Presents on Center Stage


Sunday, March 31st at 7pm
Tiered Ticket Pricing: $63, $33, $18
Orcas Center charges a $2 per ticket fee

**Orcas Center’s Tiered Ticket Pricing is based on the needs of your family. The variant in pricing is not based on seat location or dates of performances, rather, what you’re able to afford to help us to maintain our facilities and create quality programming.

Tier A is the true cost per patron of putting on show at the Orcas Center, Tier B is our standard rate, also subsidized by our generous donors,
Tier C is a rate subsidized by our generous donors. **


Experience the mesmerizing allure of Pamyua’s unique performance, coming to Orcas Center on March 31, 2024, for one night only!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Inuit culture as Pamyua takes the stage, using the universal language of music and dance to share indigenous knowledge and history. Their music, a fusion of traditional melodies with contemporary vocalization and instrumentation, has birthed a genre known as “Inuit Soul Music,” a soul-stirring journey you won’t want to miss.

Join us in celebrating Indigenous culture, as Pamyua’s talented band members proudly represent their heritage, proving that unity can be achieved through the power of music and dance. Their performances are not just entertainment; they are a symbol of pride for Alaska’s indigenous people and a source of inspiration for all who witness their extraordinary artistry.

Be part of this unforgettable experience as Pamyua’s performances pay homage to indigenous traditions through captivating ceremonies, soulful songs, and mesmerizing dance. Secure your tickets now and be part of a cultural celebration like no other!

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