On Display: VAC Art Exhibit

For the first show of 2024, we honor the work of these dedicated artists and their tireless commitment to the arts on Orcas. Join us in celebrating the work of Kathleen Youngren, Leon Rosenblatt, Mary Jane Elgin, Julia Summers, Sarah Crigger, Zoe Osenbach, Carol Ann Anderson, Kirk Nozaki, Whitney Chamberlin, Marjorie Taylor, and Julie Rusby - Our current VAC committee members. On display through February 27th.

She Kills Monsters

Witches and warlocks, paladins and goblins, elves and humans rejoice! Join us for an action-packed Dungeons & Dragons adventure which follows a young woman’s quest to learn more about her dead sister and ultimately herself. It is a comedic, heartfelt story of sisterhood, friendship, identity, and grief which unfolds with each role of the dice.

$18 – $63

Art Opening: Avi Shmueli / Landscapes

Our March Exhibit celebrates Featured Artist Avi Shmueli and our community show theme is Landscapes! Drop off your artwork from 10:15am - 12pm on Wednesday, February 28th, and join us for the community show on Friday, March 1st starting at 5:30pm

Chutes and Ladders

The Orcas Dance Collective is proud to showcase the Junior Dance Collective and Mini Co dancers in a new work called, “Chutes and Ladders.” Come and witness a journey through dance that explores the theme of teens entering a new phase of self identity, loss of innocence, growth and change in perspective. Another all ages dance show perfect for an all ages audience.

$10 – $63


TAKE3 lives at the intersection where pop, rock and classical fusion collide. Their unmistakable style and infectious joy in music making brings them to over 60 stops during the 22/23 season. Join them as they take Orcas Center's Main Stage with their “On the Road Again” tour!

$18 – $63


Pamyua showcases Inuit culture though music and dance performance. The show is a platform to share indigenous knowledge and history. Their style derives from traditional melodies reinterpreted with contemporary vocalization and instrumentation.  Often described as “Inuit Soul Music,” Pamyua has discovered their own genre.  

$18 – $63

On Screen: Carmen (Met Opera)

Bizet’s masterpiece of the gypsy seductress who lives by her own rules has had an impact far beyond the opera house. The opera’s melodic sweep is as irresistible as the title character herself, a force of nature who has become a defining female cultural figure.

$10 – $63

On Screen: La Forza Del Destino (Met Opera)

Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin conducts Verdi’s grand tale of ill-fated love, deadly vendettas, and family strife, with stellar soprano Lise Davidsen as the noble Leonora, one of the repertory’s most tormented—and thrilling—heroines. Director Mariusz Treliński delivers the company’s first new Forza in nearly 30 years, setting the scene in a contemporary world and making extensive use of the Met’s turntable to represent the unstoppable advance of destiny that drives the opera’s chain of calamitous events.

$10 – $63

On Screen: La Rondine (Met Opera)

Initially conceived as an operetta before receiving the full operatic treatment, this bittersweet love story is the least-known work of the mature Giacomo Puccini, largely due to the circumstances of its premiere: Italy and Austria became enemies during World War I, precluding a Vienna premiere, and the opera quietly opened in neutral Monte Carlo, never finding a permanent place in the repertoire. That loss is scandalous, since La Rondine, judged on its own merits rather than compared to other operas with similar themes, is a fascinating work—featuring an abundance of exuberant waltzes, a lightness of tone (particularly in the intoxicating first two acts), and a romantic vision of Paris and the south of France.

$10 – $63

On Screen: Madama Butterfly (Met Opera)

The title character of Madama Butterfly—a young Japanese geisha who clings to the belief that her arrangement with a visiting American naval officer is a loving and permanent marriage—is one of the defining roles in opera. The story triggers ideas about cultural and sexual imperialism for people far removed from the opera house, and film, Broadway, and popular culture in general have riffed endlessly on it. The lyric beauty of Puccini’s score, especially the music for the thoroughly believable lead role, has made Butterfly timeless.

$10 – $63