Orcas Center and The Rock on the Rock Choir Present on Center Stage:

What Dreams May Come

May 4th – May 20th, 2023

Thank you to everyone who made “What Dreams May Come” possible – and thank you to the Orcas Island community for coming out in droves to see this labor of love!

Co-Created & Directed by Grace McCune & Jake Perrine
Choreography by Tiffany Loney, Chelsea Sherman & Katie Zwilling

The Band
Jeffrey Horton on Drums & Band Leader
Gene Nery on Guitar & Bass
Melody Funk on Bass & Piano
Joel Gamble on Violin & Keys
Robert Keene on Piano & Keys

Lighting and projection design:
Jake Perrine

Set construction:
Deborah Sparks – Wing wall wings and large balcony masks
Stephanie Iverson & Kyler Townsend – the big mask
Brooke Meinhardt and her AOK Art class students:
Smaller balcony masks

Costume Coordinator:
Asifa Pasin

Choral Notation:
Stormy Hildreth

Colleen Smith-Summers

Stage Crew
Sound Engineer:
Kevin Colomby

Lighting and Projection Op:
Jamey Moriarty

Stage Crew:
Regina Zwilling & Katie Zwilling

Box Office Manager:
Annemieka Neena

Marj Franke
Sarah Flickinger
Chantelle Hildreth
Emily Bennett
Colleen Smith-Summers
Mia Harrison
Amanda Sparks
Cali Bagby
Anna Mueller **
Hailey Averna **
Jen Krauss
Barbara Nesbet
Sukima Hampton

Stormy Hildreth
Khadoma Colomby
Pam Evans **
Ella Weaver
Nancy Blystone
Leah Johnson
Eve Eon
Tish Knapp
Jaclyn Fowler
Mindy Sonshine
Megan Tye
Kayleigh Horton
Asifa Welch
Alison Calhoun
Tori Smith

Greg Ripley
Frank Michels **
Clark Cundy
Sky Weaver
Ian Welch
Taylor Larsen
Charlie Eon
Carl Burger
Royce Tye
Erin Bennett
Willie Clancy
Corey Wiscomb
Caleb Summers
Jake Perrine

** Section Leaders

Musical Theatre Kids and MiniCo Dancers
Stellan Connell
Grace Zwilling
Paul Zwilling
Tallulah Dews
May McCune
Charlie McCune
Julia McCune
Zora Davis
Lana Sasan
Odin Summers
Nimue Summers
Larkin Remy
Francis Raymer
Violet Robison
Daisy Robison
Charlotte Walker
Rada Shirov
Alma Youngren
Gem Youngren
Elani Johns
Eleanor Harrington
Ember Frausto
Maya Yerly

Musical Theatre Teens:
Zoey Benepe
Elodie Antonia
Ayla Sturtz
Lila Beale

Junior Dance Collective:
Solianna and Seffa Halabisky
Serafina Buck
Stella Dillard
Isabel Boyd
Madeleine Sonshine
Ellie Wright
Lucia Weaver
Miette Vaughn
Eolande Summers
Jocelyn Carpenter

Move & Groove:
Don Yerly
Willie Clancy
Ian Welch
Rebecca Parish
Charles Dalton
Emily Bennett
Jenn Krauss
Cali Bagby
Laura Ludwig
Orcas Dance Collective:
Stephanie Moss
Susan Newkumet
Bianca Cox
Isabella Schermerhorn
Issabell Alexander
Charles Dalton
Katie Zwilling
Laura Ludwig
Tiffany Loney

Special Thanks:
to everyone who helped bring What Dreams May Come to life. A show of this size and technical precision would not be possible without the support of many people.

Many thanks to Greg Ripley, Heather Perrine, Jamey Moriarty, Stormy Hildreth, Regina and Katie Zwilling, Colleen Smith-Summers, DeborahSparks, Stephanie Iverson and Kyler Townsend, Brook Meinhardt, all the parents that volunteered backstage, all the families of all the cast and crew who supported them, and of course, Orcas Center!

Prologue from Chicago
Dancers: Move & Groove & ODC
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

Land of Confusion by Genesis
Arranged: Jake Perrine
Soloists: Jake Perrine & Grace McCune

The Joke by Brandi Carlile
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Anna Mueller
Choreography:Tiffany Loney
Dancers: MiniCo

Condemnation by Depeche Mode
Arranged: Jake Perrine
Soloist:Ian Welch

Co-Virus to the music of Elvira Parody written Carl Burger
Soloists: Carl Burger, Marj Franke & Tish Knapp

If The World Was Ending by JP Saxe
Solists Colleen Smith-Summers & Caleb Summers
Aerialists: Seffa & Solianna Halabisky
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

All by Myself by Eric Carmen
Parody lyrics by Jake Perrine
Soloists: Zoey Benepe, Elodie Antonia Ayla Sturtz & Lila Beale
Performers: MTC Teens & JCO Dancers
Choreography: Tiffany Loney & Jake Perrine

Lighthouse by Mree
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Hailey Averna
Dancer: Tiffany Loney
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

Heartbeat by Grace Zwilling & Stormy Hildreth
Soloist: Grace Zwilling

Cover Me in Sunshine by Pink
Soloists: Amanada Sparks, Madeleine Sonshine
Dancers: Musical Theater and Mini Co
Choreography: Katie Zwilling

Because of You by Melody Funk
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Melody Funk
Dancers: Bianca Cox, Lana Sasan, Miette Vaughn, Tiffany Loney, Lucia
Weaver, Zora Davis
Choreography by Tiffany Loney

Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel
Arranged: Jake Perrine
Soloist: Clark Cundy
Dancers: Tiffany Loney, Charles Dalton, Bianca Cox, Ellie Wright
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

Can’t You See by Matthew & the Atlas
Arranged: Jake Perrine
Soloist: Jake Perrine

Anyone by Demi Lovato
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Grace McCune

Fix You by Coldplay
Arranged: Grace McCune
Singers and Dancers:
Musical Theater Class & Mini Co.
Choreography Chelsea Sherman and Tiffany Loney

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Arranged: Jake Perrine
Dancers: Move and Groove
Choreography: Jake Perrine & Tiffany Loney

Use My Voice by Evanesence
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloists: Kayleigh Horton, Alison Calhoun, Asifa Pasin & Nancy Blystone
Dancers: Junior Dance Collective and Laura Ludwig
Choreography by Tiffany Loney

Sins of Sons by Jim Bredouw & George Merrill
Performed by Jim Bredouw

Joy of the Morning by Jonathan Wilson, Robert Keene & Harrison Scannell
Soloist: Jonathan Wilson & Robert Keene

1000 Oceans by Tori Amos
Dedicated to Jonathan White
Soloists: Colleen Smith-Summers & Grace McCune
Dancers: Orcas Dance Collective
Choreography: Orcas Dance Collective

I Wanna Live by Alice Evans
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist:Alice Evans

Numb by The Burned
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Khadoma Colomby
Dancers: Move & Groove
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

Dream Catcher by Grace McCune & Stormy Hildreth
Soloist: Cali Bagby & Stormy Hildreth

Exploration NW theme song with Don McCune
Dancers: Stella Dillard, Jocelyn Carpenter, Seffa Halabisky
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

Brave New World by Joel Gamble
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Joel Gamble
Dancers: Charles Dalton, Laura Ludwig

Lift Me Up by Corey Wiscomb
Arranged: Grace McCune & Craig Jensen
Soloist: Corey Wiscomb

Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
Arranged: Grace McCune
Soloist: Sky Weaver
Dancers: Junior Dance Collective & Move and Groove
Aerialist: Cali Bagby
Choreography: Tiffany Loney

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie
Arranged: Jake Perrine
Soloists: Jake Perrine & Grace McCune

Lost Words Blessing by Spell Songs