To Our Wonderful Orcas Center Community,
It is with a heavy heart that Orcas Center is announcing a temporary closure through the end of April. Due to the widespread concern of COVID-19, and our desire to keep our island community safe, we feel it is in the best interest to engage in social distancing, and limit exposure where we can.
This closure effects our whole island community: Visiting artists, festivals, and local productions encourage off-island tourists who shop at our stores, eat at our restaurants, and stay at our hotels. And while we tried to stay open amidst growing concerns – in hopes of bolstering our part of the local economy – it simply isn’t feasible any longer.
All classes (art, theatre, aerial, dance, etc) and all group events, (Lit Fest, Maker’s Fair), art openings, as well as all performances (Chicago, The Jaybirds, Swan Lake, Agrippina, Der Fliegende Hollander, and others) are canceled – effective immediately.
We hope to reschedule Chicago and have tentative dates in either May, July, or October, but due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, it will be some time before set dates are determined. Unfortunately, streaming or broadcasting Chicago is against our licensing agreement.
If you purchased tickets to any of our upcoming shows, (Chicago, Swan Lake, or The Jaybirds) we will be happy to either (1) refund your purchase or (2) reschedule your tickets for when we’re open again, or (3) if it is within your budget – accept your ticket purchase as a donation to Orcas Center.
Please contact us at and let us know how you’d like to proceed with your tickets. Given that our staff will be practicing social distancing as well, there may not be anyone available in the office to answer phone calls so email is a better way to reach us.
As you can imagine, shutting Orcas Center down for a month and a half during our largest show-run of the year, will effect our own ability to function financially for the rest of this year and beyond. If you are planning on making your annual gift to Orcas Center later in the year, (or even if you have made one recently) please consider making an additional gift now to help us through this shortfall. You can donate to Orcas Center here.
Additionally, if you are able to support the fine work of Orcas Island’s Community Foundation (OICF), they have set up an emergency fund for other islanders who may need assistance during this time. You can donate to OICF here.
Thank you all for your patience and support during these unprecedented times. We know how much Orcas Center means to the community and look forward to seeing you all again once the pandemic has passed.
Stay healthy and safe,
Dimitri Stankevich
Executive Director
Orcas Center