As you think of how you spend your day, chances are that you have at least two anchors in your schedule. Your “First Place”, which is your home, and your “Second Place” which is usually work or school. In his book, The Great Good Place, sociologist Ray Oldenburg determined that a “Third Place” – a supportive environment that fosters community involvement and engagement – is essential to creating a fulfilling life.

Orcas Center is proud to be considered many islander’s “Third Place” – where anyone can learn about, participate in, or support the arts – where you can connect with familiar faces, and meet new acquaintances. Orcas Center’s diverse programming has included islander-created theatrical events like Cirque-Us, screenings from the Metropolitan Opera and Bolshoi Ballet, as well as art exhibits from off-island artists such as the Salish tribe members who presented educational weaving workshops. It is where children can learn how to express themselves and find balance in a rapidly changing world, and where adults can share their creative knowledge and strengthen their own skill-set. Whether you have been performing for years, or have always wanted to pick up tap shoes or a paintbrush – Orcas Center has a place for you.

As the new season of programming begins at Orcas Center, we set our sights on even more ambitious goals to become a home for the creative community. Our membership offerings will be expanding to include member-only behind-the-scenes look at performances, discounts on events, performing and technical classes, merchandise, an online member directory, as well as voting rights in our annual meeting. Annual membership rates will be slightly increasing to support these endeavors as of August 1st. But, if you renew your current membership by July 31st, regardless of when it currently expires, we will adjust your “end-date” so you can lock in the discounted rate for an additional year. Currently, memberships are $50 for individuals ($60 as of 8/1) and $100 for families ($120 as of 8/1), students and seniors will remain at $25 annually.

Orcas Center membership not only gives you access to great experiences to support your own artistic interests, but will also help to create a solid community foundation for the island’s creative “Third Place.” Learn more at