Photo credit: Colleen Smith, Island Sounder/staff photo Left to right: Dimitri Stankevich and Jim Bredouw

The Board of Trustees of Orcas Center is pleased to announce that Dimitri Stankevich has taken a full time position as Executive Director of Orcas Center.

Stankevich will be taking over on March 25 for Jim Bredouw, who has been volunteering as the interim Executive Director for the past nine months.

“I couldn’t be happier with Dimitri taking over this role,” said Bredouw. “Not only is he a well respected, high-visibility local with a ton of community involvement, but we share a lot of similarities in style and perspective. I believe he will continue to make Orcas Center one of the most important and vital institutions here for years to come.”

Stankevich has been working as the Executive Director at the YMCA’s Camp Orkila for the past 14 years, and has elevated the camp to new heights during his tenure. He is admired by camp-goers, their families, staff and the Orcas community at large. After 14 years at the camp on Orcas – and over 30 years with the YMCA organization in total – Stankevich has decided to make a career shift to pursue this role with the Orcas Center.

“I previously served on the Board of Orcas Center so I’m familiar with the inner-workings of the organization,” said Stankevich. “When I heard the ED role was open, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to combine my love for music and performance with my passion for the community. After witnessing the positive changes that Jim has brought to the Center over the past year, I found the opportunity too attractive to pass up.”

Bredouw stepped up last year to offer the OC Board a helping hand after a series of ED transitions. He and Jake Perrine presented their vision for the future to the OC Board, and with long-timer Robert Hall and the staff, they set out to implement that vision. Many in the community noticed a revitalization at the Center as a result. This new energy can been seen in theater programming, a new logo and website, the way the staff roles have been reorganized, as well as the establishment of some new relationships, and the mending of some older ones along the way.

“It’s hard to express the amount of gratitude our Board of Trustees has for the work Jim Bredouw has done for Orcas Center over the past several months. He’s been integral to not only keeping the lights on and the shows running, but has played a significant role in healing a lot of relationships in the community,” said Cynthia Abolin, Orcas Center Board President. “The turmoil we’ve experienced in the past few years is now behind us. Many people have put in a lot of time, energy and resources toward that goal, and for that we are truly grateful. We look forward to a new era at Orcas Center.”