Streamed LIVE from Orcas Center
August 27th, 2020

Rafe Pearlman with VJ Kaizen


In a beautiful twist of fate, we find ourselves in the company of Rafe Pearlman who is visiting Orcas this week, and has offered to be a part of Orcas Center’s streaming concerts Co-Produced with Burl Audio.

With over twenty years of experience as a professional singer, Rafe Pearlman was launched into the greater public eye in 2012 with an appearance on AGT, America’s Got Talent with William Close and the Earth Harp.

Rafe is the lead singer with William Close and the Earth Harp Collective, touring with the world’s largest stringed instrument. Rafe was recently featured at the 2017 festival of film composers, “MOSMA”,  in Malaga Spain, where he performed with a full orchestra for one of Hollywood’s top soundtrack composers, Tyler Bates.  Rafe’s voice is featured on many excellent soundtracks including films on Netflix & Direct-TV, as well as an NBC series, big titles include: Kingdom, The Punisher, and Siberia… and other soundtracks including Sony’s top video games: Gods of War : Ascension and Call of Duty : Modern Warfare.

Rafe is a strong, soulful, sexy and spiritual  singer and  composer who uses organic and electronic elements to move his audience into transcendent experiences. With his high baritone voice, Rafe synthesizes diverse vocal influences ranging from American soul music, with its funky secular testifying, to Far Eastern devotional music. As a lyricist and composer, Rafe’s current projects explore themes of love, freedom, beauty, sexuality, transcendence, transformation, environmentalist and social justice.

Joining Rafe on stage is visual artist Everett Keithcart, aka “Kaizen”, who grew up watching sunsets over the ocean on San Juan Island, Washington state. He is inspired by the majesty of our natural world and the universe. His life’s work is to honor and remind us of the greater ocean of beauty that flows around us and through us. Kaizen leads his viewers through a nuanced, multidimensional dreamscape of gentle sunset ripples set aflame by the fading sun, flowers blooming within nebulas, jellyfish swimming through spinning star fields, and ancient trees reaching for the heavens.

After spending five years focusing on digital photography, Everett launched his live video projectionist career in 2011 the resident VJ (Visual Jockey) at the Seattle monthly ecstatic dance event “DreamDance”, where he continues to perform monthly with a variety of acoustic and electronic music soloists and ensembles. His artist name “Kaizen” means “continuous improvement”, and he has indeed improved continuously through constant public performances with members of Yaima for four consecutive years as their live video projectionist and lighting designer.

Rafe Pearlman’s music is anchored by his dynamic vocal range.  Rafe’s voice has been described as strong, soulful, sexy, spiritual and transcendent: study of contradictions and an explorative hybrid of vocal styles. Synthesizing cultures from around the world, ethnic and urban, he has been influenced by the sounds, textures, and experiences of a lifetime of travel, from the Alaskan Bush to the Middle East.  His voice inspires emotion and moves the spirit.
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