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Orcas Center Presents on Center Stage:


November 17th-19th at 7pm
Tiered Ticket Pricing: $47, $25, $15

Orcas Center charges a $2 per ticket fee**Orcas Center’s Tiered Ticket Pricing is based on the needs of your family. The variant in pricing is not based on seat location or dates of performances, rather, what you’re able to afford to help us to maintain our facilities and create quality programming.

Tier A is the true cost per patron of putting on show at the Orcas Center, Tier B is our standard rate, also subsidized by our generous donors, Tier C is a rate subsidized by our generous donors. **

COVID Policy Update: Masks are required in the theatre and lobby, except where refreshments are being served.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to work to keep our artists, staff, volunteers, and patrons healthy.


“KANU is a story based on my life travels in the Alaskan wilderness and the greater life journey that took me around this planet…it’s a piece of the song of life that is singing us….and is yearning for us to sing along…”

the KANU project
Co-created and directed by Jake Perrine

Drawing from Rafe Pearlman’s experiences growing up in the Alaskan wilderness, KANU is an immersive multidisciplinary performance. Featuring Pearlman’s lush and dynamic vocals, in collaboration with world class guest musicians, KANU takes you on a journey into a wild and interactive landscape of song, soundscapes, visual installations and storytelling.

Join Rafe Pearlman in KANU—an immersive, interactive journey through the Alaskan wilderness via song, soundscapes, visual installations and storytelling. Drawing on Pearlman’s own experiences growing up in the remote Alaskan interior, the KANU project is guided by Pearlman’s lush and dynamic vocals in collaboration with world class guest musicians: Häana, Daniel Berkman, Josh Mellinger, Joshua Penman, and Everett “VJ Kaizen” Kiethcart on projections.

KANU’s mission is to connect audiences to the love and awe of nature in the hope it inspire others be in communication with our most precious resource…the planet itself. Living in the wilderness, death is always present; KANU honors this dance of light and darkness, death and rebirth.

KANU travels from the wilderness into the spaces in between the worlds…landing home on Orcas Island where the story is now shared.

Dynamic, otherworldly, supernatural, intimate, triumphant, tragic, epic and innately simply human, this is an invitation to join together in adventure and exploration.