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Martin Lund’s One World
20th Anniversary!

Saturday, July 2nd – 6pm
On the Village Green
203 N Beach Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245
Tickets are complimentary thanks to our wonderful Summer Series Sponsors!

Martin Lund’s One World – 20th Anniversary

Martin Lund and One World appear courtesy of Monkey Puzzle and Pawki’s

Martin Lund, one of the most diverse musicians in the universe, lives and breathes music in many different colors and cultures. He has played with some of the great blues artists of our time and worked in the studios of LA as a composer, arranger and musician with artists like Mel Torme to Isaac Hayes. His eclectic background has allowed him to move freely through any style of music from classical to rock and from jazz to Broadway. He is equally adept at clarinet, saxophone, flute and piano.

Joining Martin on stage for One World is a great line up with a can-do rhythm section along with horns: The Turtleback Brass, (Dimitri Stankevich, Don Breazeal, Steve Alboucq, Oliver Groenewald, Joe Boucher), Oliver Groenewald Quintet (Oliver Groenewald, Michael Glynn (Bass), Jay Thomas (Reeds), Jon Hansen (Keyboard), Stefan Schatz (drums)), fiddler Joel Gamble, and featuring one of the meanest, baddest Soul Man west of Detroit City, Pete Kirkland!