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Orcas Center Presents on Center Stage:

The Paperboys

Friday, September 9th at 7pm
Tiered Ticket Pricing: $47, $25, $15

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The Paperboys

Mexican Son Jarocho mixed in with Irish Jigs and Reels and a good dose of Country and Bluegrass. It has healthy servings of Ska, Soca and African Highlife and we’ve been known to throw in a little White Boy Reggae. Of course it also has strains of Soul, Pop and Funk although we are by no means a funk band. It is mostly Acoustic although we also like Electric guitars. It is Singer-Songwriter based but not the coffee house variety. It is definitely FOLK music, but not in the Kumbaya style. It has a deep respect and appreciation for tradition (Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, Son) but it’s by no means Traditional. It Rocks incredibly hard and is extremely danceable, but that is not to say it can’t be mellow and slow and beautiful. It can be heart breaking, but also joyous. It is never dark or angst ridden, and always full of hope – but not in the ‘Up With People’ kind of way. It’s not Jazz, although we like Jazz a lot. It’s not heavy metal or punk or grunge, although we love Rush and AC/DC. It is World Roots Music. It’s POP music. It is GOOD music. It has a tendency to connect people and means a lot to many folks the world over, and for that we are very grateful. It is the only multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-lingual, multi-instrumental, genre bending, co-ed band you will hear today!!

When you think of Canadian music, who are the first contemporary artists that come to

Is it a globe-touring sextet that, in a single set, can be counted on to stomp through Celtic
reels, traditional Mexican folk, fiddle tunes, New Orleans brass band music, classic pop
songcraft, bluegrass, and even a philosophical waltz or two, before bringing it all home with
a Latino/West African singalong?

I didn’t think so.

Is it a fearless, freewheeling band sometimes referred to as the “Los Lobos of Canada,”
veterans of an estimated 4,300 shows since the band’s 1992 formation?

What if I told you that this band doesn’t just exist—they flourish, and have been converting
full concert halls of indifferent strangers into devoted fans for the last 30 years?
The name of this musical collective is The Paperboys. They are a Canadian treasure.
The heart of The Paperboys is a trio of gifted songwriters and musicians: Founder Tom
Landa, a fedora-hatted vocalist/guitarist/bandleader who immigrated from Mexico to
Canada in his teens; Kalissa Landa, a lifelong fiddler/vocalist with a preternatural command
of melody; and Spirit of the West’s flautist/guitarist/vocalist Geoffrey Kelly, already a
Canadian musical icon when he hopped on the P’boys bus in 1997.

Though by no means a jam band, The Paperboys reinvent their show every time they step
onstage. Once the band agrees on the opening song, there is no set list. The song finishes,
the crowd reacts, Landa reads the room, and the journey begins. Every night. The world has
changed seismically since 1992, but The Paperboys fan base has stuck with the band, and

“It goes beyond perseverance,” Landa says about the band’s legacy, “and into some kind of
connectivity and resonance we have with people. We’ve created a community.”
Though best known for their live show, The Paperboys also have another ace up their sleeve:
A deep and impressive discography. The band has released 10 recordings—including the
Juno Award-winning Molinos—receiving accolades from MOJO Magazine and fRoots
Magazine along the way. They’ve been two-time recipients of the West Coast Music Award,
composed scores for two films, and been nominated for a Leo Award for best original song
in the Hong Kong/Canada film release, Lunch With Charles.

Although perennially adored and praised by alternative media and national radio networks
NPR and CBC, commercial success has eluded the band. Undaunted, The Paperboys have
kept in perpetual motion, building a cult following through the impact of its incendiary live
show and proud DIY spirit.

Even the pandemic couldn’t silence The Paperboys. Tom and Kalissa maintained a warm
connection with their homebound fans by posting their now-legendary Slipper Sessions
online, playing gorgeous, stripped-down versions of their repertoire, with their kids and cats
sometimes wandering through the margins of the videos.

“There are many ways to define success,” Landa says. “ I get to make music with people I
love, tour and see the world, and connect with people through song. I can hang my hat on


You can follow The Paperboys online: