Hello, shut-in community! We miss you!

Since we can’t get together, its time to share some memories from when we did. I’m adding to enormous pile of “stuff to watch while social distancing” with a series of posts from the OC archive.

I thought this first entry was the perfect one to start with: its got kids, music, and beautiful shots of our island. But also, it was made at another time when the Orcas Center was unavailable to host our school performance, … so we took our lemons and made… a movie musical!

Made with the generous help of Kyle Freeman and the OISD, Janet Brownell and the OIEF, Grace McCune, Erin and Emily Bennett of Orcas Video, and I teamed up to craft this little gem back in 2016. It was an enormous undertaking with the full gamut of laughter and tears throughout. The High School class scene, Til It Happens to You, was written by the class. All the recorded solos and choir parts are sung by the students and taught by Grace. And we even got the High School band in Rise Up. And stay for the “after-credits” scene with the incomparable Stormy Hildreth. Big ups to all the kids who participated in this goofy experiment!

Enjoy, stay safe, and stay tuned for more soon!