Orcas Center’s Summer Concert Series returns to the Village Green
No tickets necessary thanks to our generous sponsors!

Sundays at 5pm from June 16th – August 25th
On the Village Green

Full Concert Line-up

June 16th – August 25th
On the Village Green
203 N Beach Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245

*Please note: Dates and bands are subject to change

Luca Stricagnoli is a world-renowned guitarist known for his innovative fingerstyle techniques and genre-blending musical arrangements. Hailing from Italy, but now based in Nashville, Luca’s mesmerizing performances have earned him a massive social media following and critical acclaim from fellow musicians and critics alike worldwide.

Dirty Cello returns to the Village Green with cello like you’ve never heard before! Combine the virtuosic wail of Jimi Hendrix, the soul of BB King, and the fire of Bill Monroe, and add a whole lot of cello, and you get the Dirty Cello band.

Roy Rogers is considered one of the world’s preeminent master Delta slide guitarists. With over 20 recordings to his credit, Rogers has garnered 8 Grammy nominations for producing, as a recording artist, and as a songwriter. His collaborations have garnered major media accolades globally for producing critically acclaimed Grammy nominated recordings for John Lee Hooker and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, as well as collaborations with Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, Allan Toussaint & Sammy Hagar, among others.

As the first classical brass soloist to ever receive the Order of Canada, Jens Lindemann is hailed as one of the most celebrated artists in his instrument’s history and was recently named “International Brass Personality of the Year” (Brass Herald). Jens has played both jazz and classical in every major concert venue in the world: from the Philharmonics of New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Moscow and Tokyo to Carnegie Hall and even the Great Wall of China.

Adrian Xavier has been spreading his uplifting message music for two decades, performing at festivals, colleges and events of all kinds. Adrian Xavier has been a part of Seattle’s thriving music scene his entire life, with over 50 performances with original members of RNR Hall Fame band Heart and a regular featured guest with Marmalade, Seattle’s longest running funk collective. Reggae music has always been a part of his journey and his role in cultivating the scene has led to exposer and development for many artist from Jamaica to Hawaii, Prezident Brown, Rocker T., Ras Michael, Clinton Fearon and Marty Dread are among the many artists Adrian Xavier has supported, toured and collaborated with extensivley on events and in the studio.

Up Up Up brings crane circus performances to small farms, tribal centers, immigrant communities, nursing homes, women’s shelters, etc. to bring joy and levity into the air!

What the heck is a crane circus show?! Well, our stage is a flatbed truck with hand cranked crane for aerial acts and a 100 yeaer old baby grand piano for live music!

What will the show be like? Magic beyond magic! Flying pianos! Daring acrobats! Opera divas! this 1 hour all-ages show will be whimsical, beautiful, hilarious, and most of all FUN!

The first thing you ‘ll notice about Alice Di Micele is her voice. With a five-octave range that is intense, sensual, rich and soulful, Di Micele has been known to turn a noisy bar silent within a few notes. Her warm presence and humor disarm and create a rare intimacy between audience and performer. Whether singing a jazzy-folk number, belting a sassy blues, crooning a hushed ballad, or rocking out on one of her trademark rhythmic earthy grooves, Alice is a vocalist that moves people. A kick-ass guitarist as well, whether playing solo or with a band “Force of Nature” her acoustic guitar conjures percussive poly-rhythms, bass lines, and melodies that perfectly frame her vocals.

Songwriters in the Round: Melody Funk, Carolyn Cruso, Madison West and Lisa Legros
Join local songwriters for this intimate musical experience. The In the Round format allows for artists to share their songs as well as the stories and inspiration behind writing them. Each artist is inspired by the piece that went before and can adjust their set list accordingly. Themes arise, running jokes emerge, harmonies are offered. It promises to be an evening of magic, lyrics and melody.

Dust off your boots and gather around for some true and original modern honky tonk music. An all-star cast of master musicians backs these two soul singers of country music, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms. These two are known to roots music fans across the globe for their soulful harmonies, driving dance tunes, classic original songs, and commitment to the raw truth of rural American music.

New Primitives was founded in Minneapolis in 2003 by drummer, singer, songwriter Stanley Kipper. They are four-time Minnesota Music Award recipients and have played with Taj Mahal, Ziggy Marley, Mickey Hart, and the Neville Brothers, among others. New Primitives musicians come from a variety of strong musical backgrounds. Stan is on drums, Chico Perez on congas and percussion, Patrick Nelson on bass, Andrew Wozniak on lead guitar, “Lightnin” Joe Peterson on B3 and Brian “Snowman” Powers on saxophone. The music is Funky R& B/American Reggae with world music influences.

Duende Libre is an award-winning jazz ensamble which combines jazz virtuosity with roots rhythms from Cuba, Brazil, and West Africa into a “strikingly authentic blend.” Each having apprenticed with direct descendants and master musicians of these traditions, they consider themselves disciples of their teachers. The result: A euphoric new jazz that honors its historical roots, pushing open the boundaries of genre to invoke a powerful sonic freedom.