It’s that time of year!  Time to start thinking about NEXT year!  (Already?!).  Yes!

Orcas Center is always listening for new ideas for events and new artists looking to present their work.  Toward that end, we now have two new forms on our Share Your Ideas page:

  1. Perhaps you have seen an event / artist / musical act / theatre / dance show that you really liked and think it would be a good fit for Orcas Center?  Fill in this Event Idea form!  Your idea submissions are welcome year round. The more detail you can provide about why you like this act the better.  Of course not every act is a great fit for OC (travel is too far, cost is too great, uncertain if we can get a big enough audience to attend, etc.), but we’ll consider any act you want to direct our attention to!
  2. Perhaps you would like to produce / direct / choreograph an Orcas Center produced show during our season?  Fill in our Production Application form!  While you can submit this application year round, we will collate your submissions in March for the following season (September to September) and will get back to you to talk about the details of your proposal.

Thanks for sharing your art and ideas!