Performed LIVE from Orcas Center
September 22, 2019

Willie Thomas Memorial Concert

In celebration of what would have been Willie Thomas’ 90th birthday, Oliver Groenewald and Wendy Thomas released the memorial concert played in his honor on Sept 22, 2019 at Orcas Center.
“We all congregated at the Orcas Center and celebrated our dear Willie T. It came together with more heart and soul than we ever could have imagined. Friends filled the stage, sharing music and stories that made us teary but mostly ones that made us laugh. We again want to send enormous thank you’s to all who participated in the concert from near and far, those sitting in the audience, and those who were there in spirit. Orcas Video was with us to capture all of it. Enjoy now the complete show (well, we had to shorten it just a little) following this link.”
Donations in Willie’s memory can be made to the Orcas Center: