Orcas Center presents on Center Stage:

The Rocky Horror Show

Runs October 31st – November 9th

Tiered Ticket Pricing: $15, $25, $47
Orcas Center Members receive $2 off

The excitement around seeing The Rocky Horror Show at Orcas Center is nothing like we’ve seen before – with daily calls and emails asking when tickets would go on sale! While we were hoping to release tickets in our new ticketing platform, there’s still a bit of fine-tuning going on behind the scenes. So, we’re bowing to the wisdom of the crowd, and releasing Rocky Horror tickets today…like, right now! Go get yours before they sell out because there are only eight performances scheduled, and they’re sure to fill quickly!
Programming note: All 7pm performances will be rated PG-13. Saturdays will have two performances – 7pm (rated PG-13) and 10pm (rated R), so make sure you choose appropriately!

**Orcas Center’s Tiered Ticket Pricing is based on the needs of your family. The variant in pricing is not based on seat location or dates of performances, rather, what you’re able to afford to help us to maintain our facilities and create quality programming.

Tier A is the true cost per patron of putting on show at the Orcas Center, Tier B is our standard rate, also subsidized by our generous donors, Tier C is a rate subsidized by our generous donors. **

The Rocky Horror Show is a musical with music, lyrics, and book by Richard O’Brien. The musical was adapted into the 1975 cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film has the longest-running release in film history. In 2016 it was adapted into the television film The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again.

One fateful night, Brad Majors and his fiancée, Janet Weiss — a wholesome, well-behaved, utterly normal young couple in love — innocently set out to visit an old professor. Unfortunately for them, this night out is destined to be one they will never forget. A thunderstorm and a flat-tire force them to seek help at the castle of Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter, an alien, transvestite scientist with a manic genius and insatiable libido. Brad, Janet, and Frank’ N’ Furter’s cohorts are swept up into the scientist’s latest experiment. The night’s misadventures will cause Brad and Janet to question everything they’ve known about themselves, each other, love, and lust.

A loving homage to the classic B Sci-Fi film and horror genres with an irresistible Rock’n’Roll score, The Rocky Horror Show is a hilarious, wild ride with an all-local cast that no audience will soon forget.