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Streaming LIVE from Orcas Center:

ChellaJay and Luka Palisæde

Friday, February 26th at 7pm (Pacific)
Streaming on our homepage: www.OrcasCenter.org


ChellaJay is the voice within the seashell of an oceanic electro dreamland. Her “avant arias” blend bouncy dance jams with a flair for the bizarre, revealing curious new corridors to wander down with each song. Seductive soundscapes sparkle like beach glass, before curling into dense harmonic tidal waves. Drawing on quirky synth queens and neo-pop weirdos, ChellaJay’s majestic catalog allures with the familiar and beautiful, while disarming with the esoteric and enthralling. Like a digital siren, her melodies conjure an emotionality that encaptures the listener.

A Promise Kept is a manifesto of deeper sonic discovery. Written while isolated on an island in the Pacific Northwest, the album explores finding a greater sense of freedom and fulfillment while living within newly-discovered boundaries. A celebration of sacred play, Promise is a confession of vulnerability, loss, and reclamation; an exposé of self-designed limitation. A musical score of abandoning what no longer serves you.

This is ChellaJay’s inaugural album underneath her solo moniker. From 2015-2019, she spearheaded the avant-prog chamber pop outfit Aura Weaver. Other notable projects include The Arboretum: A New Musical (score, book, libretti, and direction), and !mindparade (keyboardist). With extensive training in performance mediums and a love for interdisciplinary experimentalism, ChellaJay’s live sets incorporate both dance and theatrics, gracing the synth pop stage with an engaging and unique new voice. A Promise Kept releases 2/22/21 via Melodrama Arts Collective.